Dalarna van der Kemp


As a pianostudent at my studio you will get many possibilities to perform on stage.

The better you practice, the more often you will be invited to perform in the concerts.

On a regular basis there are try outs and concerts at my grand piano and on other stages as well.

Furthermore, it is possible for my students to participate in piano exams, music festivals and music competitions.

Many of my students are pricewinners, finalists and participants in several big competitions such as the Florence Competition, the Steinway Competition, the Haydn Festival, Pianofest and Klassiek op het Amstelveld and in the EPTA piano exams.

Prices my students won include:

  • 1st price for Noelle in November 2022 in the Haydn Muziek Festival in Groningen
  • Haydn Muziek Festival 2022: both Amaira and Noelle were finalists.
  • Klassiek op Amstelveld 2022: many of my students were selected to play here.
  • In 2019 a 3rd price for Ayanna during The Florence Competition finals,
  • In 2019 a final place at the Haydn Festival for Yasumi,
  • In 2017 a 2nd (+ audience price) for JuYeong and a 3rd price for Justus in the Final of the Florence Competition 2017,
  • In 2017 Yuri was a 4th price winner in the Florence Competition Final and
  • In 2015 a 2nd price for JuYeong in the Florence Competition Final of 2015.

As a student of mine you will have the possibility to take piano exams once a year, of course only when you are ready for it.

In 2024 many of my pianostudents will participate in the EPTA piano exams .